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Project Description
Updates the User Information List in each site collection

In MOSS 2007, each site collection has its own User Information List and the User Information List is populated at the time in which a user is first granted access to a site collection. When a user is added to a site collection in SharePoint, their profile information is stored, but never updated or maintained. So even though it may get updated in Active Directory or the SharePoint user profile, it is not reflected in the User information list or the people picker. Job titles, phone numbers and names may become outdated. Inactive/deleted/orphaned user accounts also stay in the site collection and will still be found in the people picker. This becomes an issue if an organization is constantly evolving and/or if there is a high turnover rate.

In response to this issue, this SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) feature helps maintain the SharePoint user information list by creating a timer job that is activated on a web application and runs on a schedule (daily by default) to update the users in the site collection users group. Within each site collection, it will run a clean up and remove any users that are no longer active in AD, and update user properties if they have changed.

To see an example site users list, access:

http://<site collection name>/_catalogs/users/simple.aspx

Within each site collection users list, it will attempt to:
1. Remove any users that are no longer active in Active Directory
2. Update user properties if they have changed in Active Directory
3. UPDATED: Populate 0 or more site collection User Information Lists within the web application with all AD users

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